Top ten foods that promote fresh breath

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Odorous breath is something nobody likes to talk about yet is something some of us cannot avoid. Whether we live with, work with or just know someone with bad breath, smelling it is something that cannot be avoided. Yet the condition itself can easily be avoided. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth that feed on food left…

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Sleep apnea signs, risk factors and treatments

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Sleep apnea affects the way someone breathes when asleep and often manifests in very heavy snoring and even interrupted breathing. Left untreated, it can cause tensions between partners and all the symptoms of sleep deprivation. It is not something you want to leave untreated. It can affect children as well as adults and is more common than we might think….

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Ozone use in periodontal therapy

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Regular readers of the Aesthetic Family Dentistry blog will already know that we use medical ozone in a range of dental treatments and therapies. It is an exceptionally useful tool in our ongoing battle against gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Considering the condition affects all of us at one time or another, any advantage we can get is…

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Oral DNA testing, the new weapon in fighting periodontal disease

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Medicine has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Once such advancement is with DNA. What was once a mystery to us is gradually opening the doors on its secrets and allowing us to soar to new heights of understanding. Our increased knowledge of these building blocks of life enable us to deliver new treatments for a…

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Juvederm® cosmetic treatment Q&A

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Juvederm® is a perfectly safe gel filler designed to refresh your appearance and bring back a youthful look. It is an exceptionally popular cosmetic treatment that offers fast, effective relief from lines and wrinkles. What is Juvederm? Juvederm is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar. It has one of the cleanest, safest profiles of any cosmetic treatment and…

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Causes and treatments of gum recession

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Gum recession is when your gums slowly recede and expose more of the tooth. It can be a natural process linked to aging or caused by a range of oral health conditions. However it is caused, gum recession is treatable and reversible in many cases. Causes of gum recession As mentioned, gum recession happens naturally to many of us as…

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Facts you need to know about Botox

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Most of the popular media coverage around Botox is one-dimensional. It concentrates on celebrity, frozen faces and extremes in treatments that do not reflect the reality very much at all. In fact, in the right hands, Botox is a very effective anti-ageing treatment that can have far-reaching physical and psychological effects. With that in mind, we have put together these…

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Laser treatment for apthous ulcers

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Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we use a specialist medical laser for a range of procedures. It is a very safe and targeted tool in improving oral health and tackling specific conditions. One such condition is the apthous ulcer, or canker sore. Apthous ulcers are a common condition that affects up to a quarter of all Americans. The sores can…

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In-office tooth whitening for sensitive teeth

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If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you might have thought whitening procedures were out of the question. Fortunately, new technology makes them as accessible to everyone. Aesthetic Family Dentistry of Denville, New Jersey offer one such treatment, Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening. One of the downsides of tooth whitening is the sensitivity that often accompanies the treatment. Even if you don’t…

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Ozone treatment for herpetic lesions

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Ozone treatment is now an accepted dental procedure that can address a wide range of oral health issues. One such issue is herpes. Formerly regarded as incurable by even the latest medical treatments, the virus is now widely accepted as curable by medical ozone. Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we use medical ozone to treat a range of conditions and…

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