How Can I Control What Materials Are Placed in My Body?

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While there are a huge number of benefits provided by industrialization and the rise of the corporation, it does come with downsides. We no longer have control over what goes into our food, what is contained in the products we consume or the ingredients found in items we use every day.

As holistic dentists, we are naturally concerned about the increased use of chemical processes in everyday manufacturing. That includes food, toothpaste, fillings, drinks and health supplements. In this increasingly industrialized world, how can we be control what materials are placed into our bodies?

The Risks

First, let us justify our earlier statement about the downsides of industrialization. Let’s take the humble tooth filling as an example. Did you know it can contain mercury? Mercury, as in the heavy metal known to poison you? Did you also know that many countries across the world, including all of Europe banned it decades ago? Did you know they are still used here?

We don’t use them at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, but other dentists do.

Another example is toothpaste. Did you know many well-known brands contain aluminum? Silica? Zirconium? Sodium lauryl sulfate? Did you know that fluoride is actually toxic in higher doses? We bet you didn’t.

These are what we talk about when we say we are gradually losing control over what is put into the products we use every day. When the corporation’s main motive is profit, it’s you the consumer who pays the price, in more ways than one.

The Answer

Let’s be clear, not all corporations are evil. Not all products are harmful. But there is an increasing amount of chemicalization in manufacturing that isn’t good. So how do you control what goes into your body?

Firstly, you need to be aware of the brands you use every day. Look at the ingredients and see if you recognize any of them. We have said before, if you need a major in chemistry to understand the ingredients, you should avoid the product.

Take the time to understand what goes into your food, your toothpaste and your body. If you can afford to, shift to making your own food, use organic ingredients and a more holistic approach to consumption. You don’t have to go barefoot and dig a vegetable garden, just be more aware of what you’re consuming.

Finally, use a holistic dentist such as our good selves. As well as using healthy products, safe techniques and a holistic approach to oral health, we can also advise on toothpaste choice and a range of other subjects to help you live better.

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