In-office tooth whitening for sensitive teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you might have thought whitening procedures were out of the question. Fortunately, new technology makes them as accessible to everyone. Aesthetic Family Dentistry of Denville, New Jersey offer one such treatment, Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening.

One of the downsides of tooth whitening is the sensitivity that often accompanies the treatment. Even if you don’t already have sensitive teeth, this can cause discomfort for quite a while. With Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening, cases of sensitivity after a treatment is very rare. When it does occur, it usually disappears within a day or two.

Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening

So what is Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening and how does it work? It is professional system utilized by your dentist and involves a preparation treatment and then the application of the Zoom! Light. In all, the treatment lasts around an hour and involves minimal discomfort.

Taking a few simple steps the weeks before treatment will help to reduce discomfort. Custom trays will be made for you ahead of the Zoom appointment so you will have relief gel to use after treatment. We also give you a prescription strength tooth paste to use prior.

The day of whitening we begin by preparing for the treatment. Teeth will need to be clean and then a special preparation is applied to the teeth to help whiten them. We then apply the Zoom! light to the prepared teeth to do the whitening. Once the lighting part of the procedure is complete, we then perform a fluoride treatment to finish.

The procedure is painless. Many patients fall asleep during the treatment while it is also possible to listen to music or just lay back and relax.

Tooth whitening for sensitive teeth

What makes the Zoom! system so effective for those with sensitive teeth already is the inclusion of desensitizing agents within the treatment. This lowers the feedback from the teeth, which significantly reduces discomfort in those with very sensitive teeth. It can even remove discomfort altogether in many cases.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening is as safe a procedure as it is possible to have. Extensive research has been conducted on the safety and efficacy of tooth whitening and the overwhelming evidence is that as long as the dental practitioner is skilled and experienced, there are no substantial health risks associated with the treatment.

We have performed hundreds of treatments since introducing it and have had no serious complications from recipients. Tooth sensitivity is a risk with any tooth whitening procedure but the Zoom! system has the lowest risk of it that we know of. Fewer than half a percent of patients suffer sensitivity after a treatment.

Results will vary depending on your health, the condition of your teeth and lifestyle. Typically, a treatment will whiten teeth by several shades and can last months. Longevity is something we can discuss in more detail at a consultation once we have inspected your teeth.

If you’re considering tooth whitening, contact the experts at Aesthetic Family Dentistry today for a consultation!