Taking a whole body approach with holistic dentistry

By January 21, 2015 August 26th, 2015 Brighter Smile

Holistic dentistry is well known for taking a “whole body approach” to treatments, but what exactly does that mean? What does our mouth have to do with other bodily functions? What does holistic dentistry have to offer that traditional dentistry doesn’t?

First and foremost, holistic dentists are highly skilled dentists in the traditional sense. We are all extensively trained, very experienced and experts in all aspects of traditional dentistry. Additionally, we use materials and techniques that treat other aspects that are linked to oral health and your whole body.

Mercury and metals

Mercury was once used almost universally as a filling material for teeth. Despite being one of the most toxic metals in existence, it was used extensively in fillings. One aspect of holistic dentistry is to remove as much mercury as possible from the mouth. Therefore we don’t use anything that is as harmful to the body as mercury.

One philosophy of holistic dentistry is to use bio-compatible materials. These are materials that, specifically to you, are either benign or beneficial to the body as a whole. So instead of using mercury in a filling, we use safe materials that achieve the same goal but with less risk.


Fluoride has been a big part of dentistry for years and is still touted as beneficial to all of us. With fluoride in the water and fluoride in toothpaste, it is entirely possible we are getting too much of what may not be a good thing. Too much fluoride can have side effects we would rather avoid, so are hesitant to recommend adding it to anything.

Therefore, a holistic dentist would recommend a high quality toothpaste that doesn’t contain extra fluoride. It will still keep your teeth clean, just without the addition of an extra chemical.


Medication is also a big part of modern dentistry. Indeed, we couldn’t achieve half of what we do without them. However, the type and volume of drugs we prescribe can have a drastic effect on the body as a whole as well as your recovery.

Wherever possible, holistic dentistry is very selective about the type of medications prescribed. All medications cause some kind of imbalance within the body. Keeping that imbalance to a minimum while ensuring patients are comfortable and receiving the same quality of treatment and recovery is our prime goal.

Complementary therapies

One important benefit of holistic dentistry is the inclusion of complementary therapies in our treatments. They can include homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture and other treatments to help you cope with discomfort or to aid recovery.

Many dental issues have far-reaching challenges for the entire body, so it’s logical that taking a whole body approach to dentistry is the only way to address it. Making sure that approach is as natural as possible while still providing the quality of care you deserve is why we love our profession so much!

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