What‘s the Procedure for Getting Dental Veneers?

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Dental veneers are used to cover damaged or broken teeth to restore confidence, tooth shape and that winning smile. Done right, a dental veneer is almost invisible and can be the answer to many issues.

Dental veneers are an excellent solution to a variety of problems. They can effectively replace crowns, cover cracked or broken teeth and be designed to create a seamless smile.

As holistic dentists, we at Aesthetic Family Dentistry particularly like dental veneers because they require no long recovery time, little intrusive work and can really benefit a suitable patient.

The high quality porcelain we use works well with gums, contain only natural ingredients and are guaranteed to provide many years’ faithful service if looked after properly.

The Veneer Fitting Process

Getting dental veneers is actually quite simple. It needs three visits to our dentist’s surgery, but very little serious dental work.

First we have a consultation to identify the challenges and devise a strategy for tackling them. Dental veneers aren’t always the most suitable procedure for all patients, so we discuss options with you and make suggestions based on our experience.

If dental veneers are the answer, we will schedule an appointment to prepare the teeth. We then take a mold of the teeth we’re working on so we can have the veneers made to measure. Those veneers are sent to a dental laboratory to be manufactured for us, which can take several days.

We use a burr to remove as little of the tooth as possible to accommodate the veneer and ensure it’s almost invisible to the eye. This may require a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort. We will discuss your requirements at the initial consultation.

Depending on how long the veneers take, we may provide a temporary veneer for you to wear while we’re waiting.

Once your veneers are ready, you would return to the surgery for another appointment. We check the fit of the veneers and compare them to the rest of your mouth. This may take a while as we ensure the fit is perfect, the color matches your other teeth and there are no issues with either your teeth or the dental veneer.

We will only proceed to fitting if we are all satisfied that the fit is right and that the color and shape match the rest of your mouth. Otherwise we send them back to the laboratory for adjustment.

Once ready, we prepare the area by thoroughly cleaning the teeth. We will then check the fit and the look of the veneers once more before cementing into place. We can then use our eye to slightly adjust the color by mixing the cement in a specific way. This ensures an exact color match. It’s more art than dentistry, but something necessary to ensure the best possible result for you.

Once everyone is completely happy, we then cure the cement, tidy up the area and ensure everything looks perfect before letting you go home. That’s all there is to dental veneers. If they sound like a solution to your dental problems, why not get in touch?

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