Using ozone for better root canal therapy outcomes

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Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that makes up a small percentage of the air we breathe. Typically, any mention of ozone in the media has been negative and usually related to global warming. Medical ozone is completely different. While it is the same gas, it has been specially formulated to offer significant help for dentists and our patients. Ozone…

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Facts you need to know about Botox

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Most of the popular media coverage around Botox is one-dimensional. It concentrates on celebrity, frozen faces and extremes in treatments that do not reflect the reality very much at all. In fact, in the right hands, Botox is a very effective anti-ageing treatment that can have far-reaching physical and psychological effects. With that in mind, we have put together these…

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Biological dentistry and the benefits of mercury-free fillings

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Intellectually, the idea of putting a known toxic substance into your mouth and leaving it there seems crazy. Yet for many years, that’s exactly what we did with mercury amalgam. Now, in the more enlightened age of biological dentistry, we have awakened to the danger of this compound and shifted to a much safer materials. At the time, dentists never…

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The Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ treatment process

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Last week Aesthetic Family Dentistry announced the arrival of the innovative Chao Pinhole™ Surgical Technique (PST). A new treatment for gum recession that is changing the way we manage the condition. As we are now offering the procedure to our Denville, NJ patients, we thought we would explain a little more about how it works. First let us cover how…

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How visiting Aesthetic Family Dentistry could cure your migraines

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If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines and think it might be your teeth or jaw that’s causing it, Aesthetic Family Dentistry can help. There are a number of dental treatments that can address this issue if it is indeed caused by your teeth or jaw. As holistic dentists, Aesthetic Family Dentistry are perfectly placed to offer a complete…

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The no-nonsense guide to the treatment of oral cancer

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Cancer is one of those words that strikes fear into our hearts, but it really shouldn’t. Medicine is far enough advanced that it can effectively treat many types of cancer if caught early enough, including oral cancer. There are four main treatment types for mouth cancer. They are:   Surgery Radiation therapy Chemotherapy Cetuximab Let’s take a look at each….

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Dental implants versus dentures, which is best?

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Dentures have been a dental solution to missing teeth for hundreds of years and have served us well. The newer dental implant is gradually replacing dentures as the most effective treatment in many situations. There will of course be situations where one procedure is more suitable than the other. But generally speaking, which is best, the old timer or the…

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