Using ozone for better root canal therapy outcomes

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Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that makes up a small percentage of the air we breathe. Typically, any mention of ozone in the media has been negative and usually related to global warming. Medical ozone is completely different. While it is the same gas, it has been specially formulated to offer significant help for dentists and our patients. Ozone…

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Benefits of coconut oil and oil pulling

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Oil pulling is gaining quite a lot of traction as a complementary dental therapy. Despite having been around for over 3,000 years, the practice is regularly in the news, celebrity magazines and in medical and dental publications. But what is it and what can it do for your oral health? Oil pulling is the practice of using an oil mixture…

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Ozone therapy, an amazing dental treatment

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Ozone therapy is rapidly gaining traction in dentistry as a very effective treatment for infection. It is fast, effective at tackling bacteria and for preparing the mouth for more involved procedures. All these qualities makes it something we, as holistic dentists are very interested in. We think you will be too once you realize the advantages in brings. Ozone therapy…

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Top ten foods that promote fresh breath

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Odorous breath is something nobody likes to talk about yet is something some of us cannot avoid. Whether we live with, work with or just know someone with bad breath, smelling it is something that cannot be avoided. Yet the condition itself can easily be avoided. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth that feed on food left…

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Ozone treatment for herpetic lesions

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Ozone treatment is now an accepted dental procedure that can address a wide range of oral health issues. One such issue is herpes. Formerly regarded as incurable by even the latest medical treatments, the virus is now widely accepted as curable by medical ozone. Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we use medical ozone to treat a range of conditions and…

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Laser therapy for periodontal disease

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Around 40 million Americans suffer from some kind of tooth root sensitivity. It is characterized by a sharp flash of pain when teeth are exposed to heat, cold, acidic or sweet foods and even by cold air. Gone as quickly as it arrives, the pain is uncomfortable and unpleasant. So what causes tooth root sensitivity and what can we do…

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Aesthetic Family Dentistry brings a Revolutionary, Breakthrough treatment for receding gums to Denville, NJ

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Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we are always looking at new ways to treat our patients in the best ways possible. If that treatment is also minimally invasive, very effective and can get you back on your feet with minimum recovery all the better. One such treatment is for receding gums and it is now available at your favorite Denville…

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The amazing antibacterial effects of ozone

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Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we embrace any product, procedure or treatment that promotes the natural. That can include the natural healing abilities of the body, the healing properties of plants and of the elements. It is this latter that led us to ozone. Used widely in medicine, this wholly natural gas has some pretty far-reaching benefits in dentistry. Ozone…

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