Family DentistryTeeth Grindingtooth pain symptonsYour Dentist
September 25, 2015

How your bite can cause head, neck and shoulder pain

Did you know that a misaligned jaw or bite can cause head, neck and shoulder pain? Did also you know that it affects millions of American each and every day? Finally, did you know that this situation is easily treatable if diagnosed correctly? If you didn’t know those things, this post is for you. Aesthetic Family Dentistry sees a number…
Jaw TensionYour Dentist
September 18, 2015

Everything you need to know about jaw pain

Jaw pain is a particularly uncomfortable situation to be in as it can affect eating, sleeping, talking and every aspect of daily life. Fortunately, it’s also something a specialist dentist can help you with. Aesthetic Family Dentistry are such specialists. Temporomandibular joint Jaw pain can be caused by many things, so is collectively known as jaw joint dysfunction. This dysfunction…
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September 10, 2015

How professional tooth whitening can transform an unattractive smile

There are many tooth whitening products on the market. Some work, some not so much. For a guaranteed dazzling white smile, only a professional tooth whitening treatment can guarantee to turn around an unattractive smile. It’s just one of the many dental services provided by Aesthetic Family Dentistry. There are many things that can discolor teeth. Diet is a big…
InvisalignYour Dentist
September 2, 2015

How Invisalign can transform your smile

There are many remedies for an unattractive smile, but none have such a revolutionary effect as Invisalign. As a modern replacement to braces that is almost invisible unless you know what you’re looking for, it has changed people smiles and their lives for the better. Gone are those geeky wire braces that we see from the eighties. Gone are those…
sensitive teethYour Dentist
August 12, 2015

What you need to know about tooth sensitivity

Having sensitive teeth can mean everyday activities like drinking a cup of coffee or eating an ice cream can provide significant discomfort. It is quite a common occurrence caused by the erosion of tooth enamel. This exposes the sensitive dentin underneath. Around 40 million adults suffer at one time or another with tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, sensitive teeth is something Aesthetic…
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August 12, 2014

How to Choose a Toothbrush

Choosing something as fundamental as a toothbrush should be easy. Go to a drug store, find a color you like and buy it. Right? Wrong unfortunately. Not all toothbrushes are created equal and some are more suitable for one type of mouth than others.If you’re in the market for a new toothbrush, this is the post for you! The right…