Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Bonding

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There are lots of reasons to love dental bonding. It’s non-invasive, flexible, reliable, and is an great way to address a number of dental issues. We are also able to mix and apply the bonding while you’re here.

Dental bonding is also known as composite bonding and is a resin that is safe to use within the mouth. It is colored to look like your teeth and can do a number of things. It can repair chips, cover discolorations, fill fractures and overlay decayed teeth once they have been treated.

Benefits of dental bonding

There are five main benefits of dental bonding. They are:

  1. It is one of the least invasive procedures we have
  2. It’s simple to do and often requires no anesthetics.
  3. It looks natural and can be colored to match your teeth
  4. It’s painless
  5. We can repair bonding easily

Most people can have Cosmetic dental bonding

Most patients can benefit from dental bonding. Once any underlying issues have been addressed, we can apply the bonding to stains, chips, broken teeth, discolorations, crooked areas, rotated teeth and in many other situations.

The flexibility of the procedure is one of the best benefits for you!

Dental bonding looks natural

Dental bonding looks completely natural. Your dentist needs to be skilled in tooth sculpting and veneering to be able to use dental bonding with any degree of success. As long as they have this, they should be able to create a completely natural look.

Dental bonding can last years

It’s impossible to give a definite lifespan on dental bonding as it differs between patients. For some, it can last for a decade or more. Much depends on where it’s applied, how healthy your regimen is and what it is exposed to.

Typically, we would estimate that a ten to fifteen year lifespan isn’t unreasonable to expect.

Dental bonding needs no special treatment

Unlike many dental procedures, there are no special requirements for caring for your dental bonding. Simply avoid biting into hard objects such as ice cubes or fingernails and you should be fine.

There are many reasons why dentists like dental bonding. We hope you can now appreciate some of them. If you’re considering dental bonding, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today for a consultation. We strive for excellence in all the procedure we do!

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