Top 5 dental treatments for crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are a very common occurrence but isn’t something you have to live with for the rest of your life. It’s a relatively straightforward issue we can treat, often with no surgery. Like many dental treatments, Aesthetic Family Dentistry has a range of tools available to treat the condition.

As holistic dentists, we appreciate that something as seemingly minor as crowded teeth can have a far-reaching and serious impact on your life. It can stop you wanting to smile, cause oral health issues or affect your self-confidence so much that you cannot live your life to the full.

With this in mind, Aesthetic Family Dentistry have become experts in the effective treatment of crowded teeth.

1.  Aligners

Aligners are a very effective non-surgical treatment for crowded teeth. Products such as Invisalign help realign teeth so they are straighter and fit better in the mouth. As a result, teeth are easier to keep clean and your smile is more readily available. Treatments can take between one and two years with a series of aligners to gradually reshape the teeth.

2.  Braces

While aligners have largely overtaken braces in popularity, they are still available as an effective treatment for crowded teeth. Braces, or more correctly, orthodontic appliances, are cemented into the teeth and are gradually adjusted to realign them. Treatment using braces can take the same amount of time as an aligner.

3.  Cosmetic recontouring

Cosmetic recontouring is a straightforward procedure where we reshape the teeth so they fit together more easily. This is mainly suitable for those with only slightly crowded teeth and is very effective.

4.  Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are some times used to correct crowded and crooked teeth. This is a more invasive procedure than cosmetic recontouring. It is often the fastest way to achieve a new smile and eliminate the cosmetic concerns of patients who have minor crowding and miss shape teeth.

5.  Tooth removal

In more severe cases, tooth removal may be the only way to address crowded teeth. Those who simply have too many teeth for the size of jaw can have their symptoms relieved fairly quickly by an extraction. The other teeth then have the space to realign, or be guided into place with an aligner.

Those are the five top treatments for crowded teeth and will usually be tackled in that order. Aligners are the least intrusive and have a very high success rate. Braces are also very effective, as is cosmetic recontouring. Only when we have tried those procedures or where they would be unsuitable would we consider surgery. It’s something we would discuss with you at the time.

For fast, effective relief from crowded teeth, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today. We’re here to help!