A brand new smile in 24 hours with teeth in a day!

By July 16, 2015 August 28th, 2015 Dental Care, Your Dentist

Have you heard of “teeth in a day?” It’s a relatively new treatment that can provide a full set of new teeth in one visit. It’s a revolutionary dental treatment that is completely changing the way we are restoring dental implants.

Missing teeth can have a significant physical and psychological effect. That is why we here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry have always promoted dental implants as a procedure. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to missing teeth that not only fill a physiological gap, but a psychological one too.

Our smile is a big part of our identity and something we often take for granted. It’s only when something happens to interrupt that smile that we realize just how important it is. That’s the psychological effect. Missing teeth can make cleaning more difficult, provide a place for food and bacteria to collect and cause the jaw to lose bone density around where the tooth was. That’s the physical effect.

Dental implants offer a permanent way to fix both of those issues. Traditional dental implants vs. teeth in a day The traditional dental implant procedure was typically performed over several months and several visits to the dentist. There would be an initial consultation, then tooth removal and site preparation. We would then place the implants which would then have to heal for a few months.

Only once the bone had completely healed would we then be able to add the visible element to the dental implant. The process, while very effective, was time consuming and left a long period of time with an unfinished procedure. Teeth in a day changes all that. With this new technology, we are able to perform the entire procedure from beginning to end in the same day. We are able to prepare the mouth, insert the implant, prepare the teeth and insert them all within 24 hours. Using only a minimum of four implants per set, we can rebuild your mouth and your smile faster than ever. Better still, there are no compromises with this new treatment. You’re not selling yourself short, having inferior teeth or an inferior procedure for the sake of speed. You will still benefit from the quality, longevity and long term benefits of dental implants.

Teeth in a day are changing the way we perform dental implants and we are leading the way in this new procedure. If you would like to discuss having new teeth in a day, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today!

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