Causes and treatments of gum recession

Gum recession is when your gums slowly recede and expose more of the tooth. It can be a natural process linked to aging or caused by a range of oral health conditions. However it is caused, gum recession is treatable and reversible in many cases.

Causes of gum recession

As mentioned, gum recession happens naturally to many of us as we age. The gum gradually recedes, exposing more of the tooth and is a genetic trait. Some adults will experience it while others will not.

Lifestyle also has an influence over gum recession. Smokers experience more gum recession than non-smokers. Those with tongue or lip piercings can also see receding gums more often than those without them. Poor oral health also contributes as infections and plaque buildup are much more likely, both of which contribute to receding gums.

There are a range of dental conditions that can cause gums to recede, including periodontal disease, crooked teeth and misaligned bite. Each is easily treatable by us here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry.

Treatments for gum recession

As you would expect, we would first need to understand the underlying cause of gum recession before treating it. We cannot do much about genetic causes but there are many things we can do for other causes.

For example, stopping smoking or removing tongue or lip piercings can halt or significantly slow gum recession. Changes to your oral health regimen can also slow or even halt the process. For causes such as periodontal disease we need to both treat the condition itself and the cause of it before reversing the recession. The same for other dental causes.

Treating gum recession itself is quite straightforward. For the gums themselves we can perform a soft tissue graft or the Chao PinholeTM Surgical Technique (PST). Soft tissue grafts take healthy gum tissue from elsewhere in the mouth and grafts it onto the gum line. It is a very effective procedure to treat the condition.

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) is a new technique now available at Aesthetic Family Dentistry and has the potential to change the treatment of gum recession forever. Rather than requiring invasive surgery, this exciting technique uses pinhole surgery to address receding gums. It involves very little discomfort and recovery is measured in hours rather than days.

As with any dental condition, prevention is better than cure. Changing any lifestyle habits early can go a long way to reducing, slowing or avoiding gum recession. If you would like advice and guidance on how to achieve this, schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Family Dentistry today. We would be happy to help!