The most effective dental treatments for tooth decay

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Tooth decay may be the most common challenge to oral health, but it’s also one with the most common treatments. We have a range of procedures we can perform to halt or reverse the process of decay. There are also a couple of exciting innovations on the way that may change the treatment forever!

The treatment of tooth decay is essential to prevent tooth loss. Losing a tooth or multiple teeth is a serious condition that should be avoided at all costs. Not only can it complicate eating, sleeping and daily living, tooth loss can cause significant discomfort.

So here are the main treatments for tooth decay. Which we select depends on how advanced the situation is, the condition of the mouth and the options available to us. We would typically discuss options with you at a consultation after a full examination as not all treatments are suitable for everyone.


Fillings are probably the most popular treatment for tooth decay as long as we catch it in time. The procedure is quite straightforward. We remove the decayed parts of the tooth, remove all bacteria from within the tooth, clean it up and fill the area with a special composite material. This is a very fast and effective way to address tooth decay.


Crowns are primarily used in situations where tooth decay has progressed too far for a filling to be effective. Crowns are usually made from gold, porcelain or zirconium and will be placed over the tooth once we have cleared out the decay and thoroughly cleaned the area. It is another effective treatment but is more intrusive than a filling.

Root canal

Root canal. Two words that seem to strike fear into the hearts of patients but really doesn’t need to. Root canal treatment remove the pulp in the center of the tooth and replaces it with a filling material that simulates real pulp. We only use this treatment as a very last resort but it is very effective when performed correctly.


If all else fails, we may have to extract a tooth if the decay has gone too far. Only when there is absolutely no choice will we remove a tooth and only when the decay has gone too far to treat. Once extracted we can use a dental implant, denture or bridge to fill the gap.

New treatments

Two new dental treatments are in the testing stage of development that may change how we treat tooth decay forever. The first is an electrical treatment that encourages the tooth to repair itself once we remove the decay. The other is a laser treatment that also causes the tooth to regrow. Both are in the experimental stages right now but have the potential to change treatment for the better!

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