Is ozonated water an effective answer to infection?

If you’re a regular reader of the Aesthetic Family Dentistry blog, you will know that we are big fans of ozone as an effective tool against infection. We especially like it as it fits perfectly into our goals as holistic dentists. As a natural gas, ozone has many medical benefits with very few downsides.

The natural negative charge of ozone breaks down the positively charged cell walls of bacteria, causing them to rupture and become useless. Our body’s natural bacteria has antioxidants that protect them from this process, allowing us to target only ‘bad’ bacteria. It is this property that makes medical grade ozone such an exciting and effective tool.

While mainly used as a gas, ozone is also available as a liquid. Many liquids can be ‘ozonated’ or have ozone passed through them to replace some of the oxygen. This gives those liquids extra cleaning or health benefits when used correctly. One such liquid is ozonated water.

We have a special, medical grade corona discharge ozone generator that allows us to safely create ozone gas and liquids. Used correctly, it is one of the most powerful tools in medicine and has some serious potential to enhance your experience at the dentist.

Ozonated water

Ozonated water replaces some of the oxygen molecules with pure medical ozone.

We use ozonated water both to help keep our equipment clean and in some dental procedures. It has all the benefits of being an antimicrobial with none of the downsides of chemicals or other bacterial treatments. That’s why we like it so much.

Dentists use a lot of water. We sterilize our equipment using processes that use water, we flush your mouth with water and we rinse, clean and generally use water a lot on our office. Wherever there is water, there is the risk of bacteria, which no healthcare facility is happy with.

Enter ozonated water. By using ozonated water in our cleaning routine, we effectively remove as much bacteria as is humanly possible from our office, equipment and treatments. This has far reaching benefits for you as a patient. The fewer bacteria you are exposed to, the healthier you are. The cleaner your mouth during and after a dental procedure, the quicker you will heal.

Ozonated water is readily available, has no known side effects and poses no threat to the environment. Given its power to address bacteria, it is perfect for us as holistic dentists!

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