Preventing gum disease

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We all get gum disease at some point in our lives. Fortunately, for most of us, it’s a temporary condition that is addressed by a proper oral health regiment or dental treatment. For others though, it’s a progressive condition that gradually gets worse.

Gum disease begins with swollen or bleeding gums. It can also cause bad breath. Gum disease that causes bad breath is called gingivitis. It is still easily treatable at this stage. If left unchecked gum disease progresses into periodontitis. This is where the bone that supports the teeth begins to recede and you may begin losing teeth or at least see gaps between them.

For such a prevalent condition, gum disease is actually very straightforward to address. Simple lifestyle changes and improvements in your oral health regimen can have far reaching effects in preventing gum disease. Here’s what you need to know.

Preventing gum disease

Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque on and between the teeth. The simplest way to prevent it is to remove this plaque as soon as it appears. The only real way to do that is by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. There’s a little more to brushing though.

Choosing the right type of brush for your mouth is also important. Brushes come with soft, medium and hard bristles. Knowing the right type for your particular mouth plays a big part in how effective brushing is. Toothpaste selection is also important. Choosing a good quality toothpaste also influences how effective your brushing might be. Contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry if you would like to know more about either of these.

Flossing is also a vital tool for preventing gum disease. Floss helps remove food particles from parts of your mouth toothbrushes cannot reach. It also removes plaque from between teeth which contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

Smaller lifestyle elements can help prevent gum disease too. Little things such as chewing some sugar-free gum after a meal if you can’t brush. Avoiding soda and candy as much as possible. Giving up smoking if you smoke and regulating your alcohol intake can all influence how susceptible you are to gum disease.

Finally, visiting your dentist regularly is essential in preventing gum disease and ensuring it doesn’t progress to gingivitis or periodontitis. Caught early, the conditioning is easily treatable and we offer a full range of advisory materials to help you maintain a good oral health regimen.

Gum disease is a common dental condition that is very easy to treat. It is also a degenerative condition that gets worse if ignored. So it is important to follow this guide to prevent it as much as possible. It is also important to visit your dentist immediately if you think you have gum disease so we can treat it right away.

Visit Aesthetic Family Dentistry if you would like to know more about preventing gum disease or to schedule an appointment.

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