Understanding and avoiding missing teeth

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Tooth loss can be caused by a multitude of situations, most can be avoided, a few cannot. Understanding how you end up with missing teeth and how to avoid losing them is key to maintaining your lovely smile and keeping those teeth for a lifetime. Yes, that’s right. Look after them well and there is no reason why your adult teeth cannot last your entire life!

The main causes of tooth loss

The majority of cases of missing teeth we see are entirely avoidable. With a few exceptions, a better oral health regimen and a better diet could have prevented many people from losing teeth. The main causes of tooth loss are not brushing properly twice a day, not flossing regularly and not visiting the dentist when you should.

Regular brushing removes bacteria from your mouth which contribute to gum disease. Brushing also helps remove plaque, which is another major cause of gum disease. Untreated, gum disease causes tooth loss. It really is as simple as that. Flossing helps by removing food particles and plaque from gaps in teeth, completing a good oral health regimen.

Visiting your dentist regularly helps us keep an eye on what’s going on in your mouth. We can identify any potential issues early and help with education, advice and treatment.  Catching gum disease early can help you avoid losing teeth.

Diet is also a major cause of tooth loss. Eating lots of candy and sugary foods or drinking lots of alcohol, soda or energy drinks will also significantly increase your chance of having missing teeth. Sugar contributes to tooth decay, which can either lead to teeth falling out or us having to remove them.

Avoiding tooth loss

As mentioned above, a good oral health care routine goes a long way to preventing tooth loss. Brush twice a day with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, floss and visit the dentist regularly and you will help prevent tooth loss significantly. These three elements will help avoid the vast majority of dental issues. That is why they are so important.

Diet is a major contributing factor in tooth loss so is another area that needs attention. A healthy varied diet that doesn’t contain excess sugar will also go a long way to preventing tooth loss. Nobody is saying avoid candy or a soda, but have them in moderation. Then eat a slice of cheese or brush your teeth a short while afterwards.

Missing teeth are easily avoidable for the vast majority of cases. If you are missing teeth or are concerned about your oral health, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today. We’re here to help!

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